Monday, July 26, 2010

Terra Fit Challenge 2010 - Week 1

Here we go!

As I sat out by the pool today, taking in the gorgeous sunshine and just being a "pool bum", I had my notebook and pen with me and I started writing down what it was I wanted to accomplish in week 1 of this challenge.
  • Goals
  • Fitness
  • Clean Eating
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I'm always planning. It doesn't mean I always follow it, but at least I know it's there. I'm always writing things down too. Keeping things in your head doesn't always seem to work, so I find writing them down, usually helps out a lot.
Short-term 1: To follow this week's fitness plan
Short-term 2: Drink my daily water (to find out how much you should be drinking click here)
Short-term 3: To lose 40lbs by December 14th, 2010
Short-term 4: Get up at 6am
Long-term 1: To lose 60lbs by Feb 22, 2011
Long-term 2: To lose 90 lbs by July 26, 2011
Long-term 3: To do the Skeena River Challenge in 2011
30 minutes cardio 4x/week
45 minutes cardio & core 1x/week
Strength training 4x/week (legs, back/chest, shoulders, bi's & tri's)
Clean Eating
Eliminating processed foods from diet. Consuming a diet of lean protein, whole grains, fruits & vegetables.

A great way to keep track of your progress is not only by writing it down, but also by photos. I will be keeping track of my progress by my weight, measurements and photos. I know it's not the right thing to do, but I do weigh myself every morning. I will however only post weekly. I will take my measurements every 4 weeks and will also be taking full length front and side profile photos and posting them.
Current weight: 250.6lbs

So are we ready to do this?! You bet we are!! As Kevin McCallister says..."This is it! Don't get scared now!"
And to send us off on our first week, I quote my sister Jenna...
Be strong, be active, and be all that you can be. Be empowered by who you are and what you can do!

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