Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Post Internet-Free Zone...Night 1

I did it!! Night 1 - success!

It was no problem staying off the internet. It helped a lot leaving my laptop at work and the home computer is downstairs now hooked up to the tv, so it's out of site out of mind really. So no problems there. I didn't even really check my phone...until I was in bed. That's when D was like...hey you're cheating!! Then I asked him if he had read my blog post about my "bad habit" and he hadn't. So I was like well here! So I went to the blog on my phone and passed it over to him to read...waiting for him to get to the part where I talked about my phone and being a cheater...I waited...and waited...and waited....then he turned and looked at me and I started laughing and he was like...CHEATER!! Hahaha!

So the tough part wasn't the was the eating. Did I succeed and not eat past dinner time?? .............................YES!!! Not without battle though. So how did I manage? I knew that my time when I first started to get that "wanting to eat feeling" was around 9pm so I said along with the "internet free zone", there would be a walk every night at 9pm. With my feet issue and just having my orthotics for a week today, I knew it would just be a short and slow walk and have to ease into it. So I knew I had that coming at 9pm. So how did I manage with my time after dinner? Well, with our glorious heat right now, I changed into my swimsuit and hopped in the pool. (Who says you shouldn't go swimming after you eat??) My pool is an above ground pool with the deck built around it. It's an octagon-ey shape. I can get 5 strokes across. So I swam for about 30 min. It felt fantastic! So that was fine. Then it was time for the walk. D & Henry came along. Henry was so happy to be out for a walk. I had to remind them that we had to go slower, so I could ease into walking again. So we just went around the block. Again, it felt fantastic! I just had a bit of pain on the outer part of my left heel (left foot is worse) but all in all I was impressed with my feet not being in excrutiating pain.

Once we got back to the house I was wanting to make Crystal Light popscicles, but didn't really have anything put make them in. Then D thought of the Jell-o shooter cuppies we have...PERFECT! So I made a jug of Strawberry Watermelon Crystal Light, filled up a cookie sheet full of cuppies and stuck it in the freezer (sooo can't wait to have a few tonight!!) Then I had enough leftover to fill a rubbermaid bottle to quench my thirst. So I took my juice and we headed downstairs to watch an episode or two of How I Met Your Mother (omg...LOVE this show! Absolutely hilarious!!). After one episode, I was really starting to feel the "wanting" to eat come on. I was like ohhh nooo. Don't cave, don't give in! I knew I couldn't. So I was like, alright, I'm really wanting to start to eat so...bedtime!

So then I got into bed and that's when I grabbed my phone to check Faceboosh and my blog. That's when I saw the comment from Raquel and I was like hey! That's exactly what I did tonight! If you missed Rachel's comment on the last post...check it out. I'm also going to post the tips on the Facebook page. Thanks girl!!!

So I'm proud girl today! Internet-Free zone night 1 was a success and I didn't give in to my night eating voice! Night 2 is coming...but I'm sure it will be just as successful!

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  1. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Keep it up!!! I also struggle with not eating past dinner, particularly when I am up late....but I bring my water bottle everywhere with me, whether it`s plain water or flavoured water, and I drink when I feel the need to eat. Another thing I was going to mention is chewing gum between meals...I love chewing gum and it sometimes keeps my mind off of food.
    Again, keep up the great work!