Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bad Habit

I seem to have picked up a bad habit and I'm having a really tough time shaking this one. This isn't something that's new really, just one that went away and snuck back up on me and blam-o! - Late night eating.

Late night eating how I detest thee. Though I must be getting some kind of wonderful enjoyment out of you if I continue to "see" you every night. The cereal, the sandwich, the toast, the granola bar....notice a pattern here....carbs! The feeling starts to come over me usually around 9. I try to push it to the back of my mind, but as the minutes pass by, it creeps itself to the forefront of my brain and then there it is. I can no longer resist. I cave. I give in. All willpower is lost and to the pantry I go to get cereal or a granola bar. Or I think...will it be cheese or peanut butter on my toast tonight (because you gotta have protein!).

Every morning I wake up and I say, today is going to be a good day. I'll get my eating right, I'll try and get a bit of exercise in and it'll be great! The day starts. I have a nice healthy breakfast. I have a good snack. Lunch is fab. I have another great snack. Then a nice healthy dinner. Dinner ends and already in my mind I'm thinking forward to those later hours and how I'm going to stave off the late-night eating. I think what can I do that will keep me busy? I could go for a bike...a few more days I could go to the gym...I could finish packing up my project room...there's so many things I could be doing. What do I usually end up doing? Sitting down at my laptop...on facebook...and I waste my time.

Wow. You know what just happened. I started off writing this blog with the intentions of writing about my late night eating bad habit. Then I just realized now, there's another one that has some very close ties....Facebook....Crackbook, lol. What a time suck it is! It's actually amazing how you start out on it and it's such and such time, and then you look at the clock and think, holy f***, has that much time passed already?! Nooo.....really?! Yes, really. So I could be outside doing something active, or making lists, or packing. Instead, I'm just sitting there on my arse, facestalking people who really aren't that important in my life (of course none of you fit into that category) and just wasting my time. I actually already made a decision this morning before getting to work. This decision will actually allow me to really focus on the things that need to get done and also allow me to focus on ways to stave off that late night eating...the bugger!! No Internet after 8pm. WHOA!! Shocking!! I need to eliminate this mindless bad habit, so I can focus on my other bad habit - late night eating.

It will be tough, oh I know it will be tough. My eyes will wander over towards my big comfy chair, where I sit with my laptop. I'll start to get fidgety. Yes, I will probably check facebook on my phone (so I may cheat a little), but NO INTERNET after 8pm. I can do this! My house will be a Internet FREE zone after 8pm. We'll see how this goes...


  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    One thing I`ve done to beat those late night cravings is to drink a lot of water...usually flavoured water. I love the Nestea individual packets (diff. flavours and only 5 calories). The one downside to this is that you may get up a couple times a night to go to the bathroom, but it beats having to eat a couple hundred calories before bed.
    Another thing I do is get a later cardio workout in...whether it`s a walk or bike ride or hitting the gym for 45 minutes. Take a cool shower, get ready for bed and read until you fall asleep...

    Hope this helps!

    I`m happy you`re blogging again...I enjoy reading your posts!


  2. Susan M5:46 PM

    When you feel the need to eat/facebook/internet ask yourself, "Is this choice bringing me closer to my goal of a healthy lifestyle?" It will remind you of your goals - it will take the focus off food or internet and allow you to celebrate you and your healthy choices you are making. Just a thought. :)