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Planes, Ferries and Baby Showers

Just thought I would forewarn you, this is a very long post. We were away for nine days! Lots to cover!

We just got back from vacation visiting my parents and sister. We flew down and this wasn't Little Miss' first plane ride. For an almost 10 month old, she's already quite the seasoned traveler. Coming home would mark her eighth time being on a plane. Just like all the other times, she did wonderfully! I was a little unsure as this would be the first time since she's been mobile. She did get a bit restless as she just wanted to get down and about. That's where those wonderful things called Cheerios came into play. What would we ever do without Cheerios?! This trip however, would mark her first time going on the ferry! We took some time to go over and visit my sister and brother-in law in Victoria. She loved it! She was constantly pointing out the window and when I took her outside she was so fascinated by the water. Most of all though, it was the people. She is such a people watcher. And kids! If there's a kid in the crowd, Little Miss will find them, most definitely.

D took it with his phone from inside the ferry so it looks like there's white smudges on Little Miss!

Again, smudges on the window. I don't wear dirty pants!
The weather wasn't all that great, but for the most important days (2 of 9) it was gorgeous. The first of those gorgeous days, we took Little Miss to the Vancouver Aquarium. Was that ever fun!! I couldn't even remember the last time I had been. Maybe when I was maybe 6 or 7? It sure has changed from what I could remember. Little miss would just stare at the tanks of the fish, but as soon as she saw a kid. That's all she wanted to look at - and there were lots! It was a great experience and I definitely recommend taking your family - Even better if you can find a coupon or discounts to go. We lucked out with a bogo coupon from our car rental! There was also a $2 off on the back of our ferry receipt, but we had already been. The highlight for me was definitely the new penguin exhibit. Little Miss loved looking at them through the glass. There was one who was quite smitten with her as well!

With the not so nice weather, we got in A LOT of shopping. Is there such a thing as too much? Not in my books! The best part was that I got everything for Little Miss' birthday party coming up in August. This party mama is ready!! I'll keep the theme a secret for the next little while. There will for sure be a post. You can count on that! I also bought awesome wedge sandals and a yellow skirt. I LOVE wedges! I also don't know if there's been a day since I bought the skirt that I haven't worn it. Slightly obsessed! Thank you Payless and Old Navy!

So we've covered planes. We've covered ferries. On to the baby shower!

My sister is now 34 weeks along and we're VERY excited for baby J to arrive. She will be the third girl in 3 years born into our family. Each of us, my brother, sister and myself will have daughters all born pretty much exactly a year apart. Little Miss and my niece, Miss A, are a year and one day apart. So since were going to be down there visiting, my brother-in-law had his mother (who was hosting) change the date of the shower, so that we would be able to attend. Since I'm the games queen, my sister told her mother-in-law to get in touch with me about games. So needless to say, I became in charge of the games.

There were an insane amount of people invited to the shower...73 on the evite and 20 by mouth. Yes...93 people! Who invites 93 people to a baby shower being hosted in an ordinary house? That would be my sister. Everybody and anybody she knows apparently! So, it was a bit difficult trying to think up a few games that could be played with that amount of people. Each day I was checking the guest list on the Evite to see how many had rsvp'd. Phewf. Not 73! By the day before, 23 had rsvp'd. That's a little more manageable, along with the 20 the mother-in-law had invited herself. 43 - that's doable. So, I decided on 4 games that a large amount of people could play. It's funny, I actually decided on 4 because that's how many prizes I had bought. Thank goodness for dollar stores and party stores in a large city! I wish I had an actual photo of the take-out boxes I found to use for the prizes. They were pink with white polka dots. This is an almost dead-on similar photo I found  online:

photo courtesy of
Here's a quick run-down of the games we played:
  • "Forbidden Word": I had found these teeny tiny pink plastic soothers and I strung pink ribbon through them to make a necklace. If you heard someone say the word "baby", you could steal their necklace. The person at the end (whenever you decide the game is over) who has the most necklaces, is the winner!
  • "Hot Potato": Everyone gathers in a circle of some sort and using a ball, or whatever you can find (we found this squishy rubber ball covered with fringe that flashed different colours), it's passed from person to person while the music is playing. When the music stops (of course the person stopping the music cannot be looking), the person with the ball is out. This continues on until only one remains and they are the winner!
  • "The Price is Right": There are a few different ways to play this, but this is the way I did it, as I was thinking there was going to be 44 people (in actuality, only about 30 showed up.) I bought a whole bunch of different baby items like washcloths, sleepers, receiving blankets, soothers, wipes, baby wash, socks, etc. Each player received a piece of paper and a pen. I then showed the items one by one. The players had to come up with a total price for all items. The winner was the person who had the closest total price without going over (excluding tax). Once everyone had their total written down, I then read off the actual amounts for each item followed by the total price. I then asked for anyone who hadn't gone over the actual price was within a dollar, 2 dollars, 3 dollars, etc, until we found our winner! Also, it's a good idea to let them know which store the items came from. Then all the items went to the mom to be!
  • "Delectably Delicious Diapers": The object is that the players have to try and guess which chocolate bar is in the diaper. The one with the most correct answers is the winner! I bought 6 different kinds of chocolate bars and numbered diapers 1-6. The chocolate bars (about half a bar) were melted in the microwave and then each one was placed inside a diaper. Be sure to keep track of which bar went into which numbered diaper. On a piece of paper, the players write the numbers 1-6. Pass around the diapers. The players are allowed to smell and examine, but no tasting allowed. They have to write down what chocolate bar they think is in each diaper. At the end, reveal which numbered diapers had what chocolate bar. The person with the most correct, wins!
My sister and some of her friends and co-workers

Some of the spread and the cake!

Just before the rest of the ladies gathered for the games

The guys' hang-out...they didn't stray far from the chicken wings! 

We had a really great trip! We made it there and back in one piece, as did all our luggage with a couple packages being sent up on Greyhound - I told you.....too much shopping took place!!! The exciting part of it all is that the next time we get to see them all (for Little Miss and Miss A's bdays the end of August), there will be a new baby!! Can't wait to meet you Baby J!!

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    Yes, it was an awesome time! It always is when we are together! Love Mom xoxo