Sunday, April 26, 2009

What happens when you fail to plan

Did I not just write about planning? What was that quote? Oh yeah..."Failing to plan means you're planning to fail" Hello!

That's exactly what happened on Thursday. I woke up without a plan. I was a bit out of my routine as I had been on-location at McDonald's all week with William. Nonetheless, that's no excuse.

I find when I don't have a plan, I don't eat enough during the day. Then, that leaves my body wanting more calories at night, which will 99.9% of the time end up coming in the form of carbs. If I don't plan, I'll have whatever I can throw together without one, but I'll forget to eat snacks. Those snacks are so important!

So Thursday is also my tv day...sooo not a good day to not have a plan! I've got The Office, Survior and Grey's Anatomy. Oh why do they all have to come on the day?! The funny thing is though, is that I can plan how to watch them! I tivo Survivor at 5, so that it's already started to record when I get home from work, then I set The Office to record at 6. So I watch Survivor and then The Office, then Grey's Anatomy at 9! See I can easily plan my tv on the fly...why is it so tough to plan your day's menu on the fly?!

So we threw on a frozen pizza to eat while watching Survivor and The Office. Definitely not the greatest choice. I could see if maybe it was on a whole wheat crust, but it was white crust. Not good. Maybe even if we had a salad with the pizza. But it was just the pizza. Split between Dave and me.

We also had to go get a few things at the store for the yard, so off to Wal-Mart we went. Well I saw they had a new flavour of 100 calorie packs of chips - Sour Cream n Onion Ruffles..ohh yumm! In my head, I'm telling myself..."Tara, it's potatoes, you can't have potatoes." Then there's my other little, though mighty powerful voice..."But they're only 100 calories!" So into the cart the box went...URGH...I knew better.

After we left Wal-Mart, we were both feeling pretty hungry. Well it's no doubt. Refined carbs in the pizza crust. In a normal person, that just gets immediately turned into glucose and gets burned off quickly and doesn't have any lasting power so it wouldn't be long before one would feel hungry again. For me, that gets turned into fat.

So I suggest McDonalds. Yes, I had been at McDonalds all week and my willpower was getting worn down. But I thought (yes, always trying to rationalize a poor decision) if I make sure that there's a fairly decent choice, I'll be okay. We decided on splitting a 10 pc McNugget meal with rootbeer and large fries AND split a Chipotle Grilled chicken snack wrap.

Well let me tell you where I went wrong on all levels. Though I did try to justify my choice by getting the grilled chicken over the crispy chicken in the snack wrap. The McNuggets are deep fried - helloo! It was just bad over all. I ate half the fries...I can't have fries! Potatoes! Deep fried McNuggets! White flour wrap! Pop! OY! Oh, the double oy is coming...a bit after eating the McDonalds...I went upstairs and grabbed one of the Sour Cream N Onion Chips! OY OY! Ohhh did my stomach give me a talking to later that night.

So that's what happens when you fail to plan.


  1. We all have those days!!

  2. ugg I found that your post was all too familiar...frozen pizzas, stopping at fast food on the fly...
    I'm going to take your advice and try and plan plan plan for this week, INCLUDING the weekends :P

  3. oh yes - and I love the office and grey's anatomy!!! Wish I had tivo though haha :)

  4. I must agree planning is of the utmost importance. I spend all day at the and I forget to bring or plan my luch so as soon as I get off at 2 or 3 the first thing I do is go for the first thing I can find. Not good. I need to start taking a salad with some cooked chicken.