Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This girl rocks!

From day one I have been cheering for this girl. She is absolutely amazing. She just has this attitude that is so infectious, it's incredible. She was always talking about how she was on Biggest Loser for a reason and that was to help other people. To let them know, that if they were just like her, that they could do it too. That there was hope!

I truly believed that Kristin was going to be Bob's first Biggest Loser. She was afterall, the first woman ever to lose 100lbs while on Biggest Loser - in 12 weeks! Kristin lost 100 lbs in 3 months! Holy cow!! However, $$$ was in someone's eyes and Kristin was voted off last night. In her update at the end, she's now lost 140lbs!! I can't wait for the finale! We'll be picking our jaws up off the floor!

She is featured on the cover of this week's Life & Style weekly and in the article she said something that struck me and I just started crying.

If I could have one message, it would be this: Don't wait for your Biggest Loser moment. Losing weight is more mental than anything else. When you start to lose motivation, close your eyes and envision what your life could be if you push forward and keep up the weight loss. I promise, it will be worth it.

So through my tears, I closed my eyes. I saw it. I saw my life and I knew... it was worth it.

Click here to read a snipit of the article.

My girl Kristin and Bob Harper

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