Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chips Ahoy Middles...I Curse You!

I didn't have the greatest of days today. First of all, D started back on night shift this weekend. I loathe night shift! I actually used to really enjoy it...getting to stretch out in bed - heavenly! Since little miss came along, not so much! Hate it! We do fine, I would just much rather have him here at night. Secondly, we leave Monday to my parents' for nine days. I started working on a packing list about two weeks ago. I, myself usually pack like I'm moving. Never mind packing for a 3 month old now too. So I've been stressing out about packing for her. Will I take everything we need? Will I forget something essential? I've been stressing out about the car seat and stroller situation...will we get to skycheck both items? We're taking the car seat and the stroller base. We'll be getting the car seat adapter for the stroller down there. I don't want to have to check the car seat and have them throw it around, like they do other luggage. What about the car seat base? In the suitcase? It's too big to lug around attached to the car seat. Then today panic is starting to set in like I'm not going to be able to get everything done in time. D really only has 2 hours that he's up before he has to leave for work again. I'm such a planner and have to have everything organized and in place ahead of time. All of this has just been weighing heavily on me. Then there's the fact of this being little miss' first airplane ride. How will she do on the plane? I stress out about all of this so much now, but in the end I always know that it's going to work out and be just fine. I have a baby now, I have to learn to be flexible... So how did I cope with all of this today? Chips Ahoy Middles.

Chips Ahoy Middles. 16 to be exact. Yes. I ate 16 cookies. They're small so when you're eating them, it doesn't really seem like that many. Mindless, they go down really, very easy. Not good. Not good at all. I reverted to my old coping mechanism...eating. Now usually what happens here is that eating's bestie denial shows up. However, one thing was different today. Denial didn't show. I didn't pretend I never ate them. I knew I had to track those 16 cookies. I had to pay the consequences for my actions. So I did just that...I tracked those cookies all 34 points of them! Yes, 34 points for those small Chips Ahoy Middles. Was it worth it? Absolutely not. I can think of so many other WAY more delicious foods to total 34 points that I could have consumed. So I obviously had to dip into my WP (weekly points) which I would have much rather have used for an absolutely delicious dinner the night we get to my parents'. They reset that night anyway, but still - not the point.

So today I stressed out and ate 16 cookies (which I tracked). I did get a 30 minute UFC Trainer workout in though (am I redeemed?).

So now how will my eating fair while we're on vacation at my parents' who always seem to have the BEST food in the house?!

I am really very excited though. I love being with my parents and not to mention - Vancouver! The most exciting part is that my dad will finally get to meet his granddaughter :)

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