Thursday, November 17, 2011

Braving the Elements

Yesterday, I hadn't quite decided what I was going to do for my workout. Right now I've been doing two workouts: UFC Trainer on Kinect and my bike trainer ( I have it set up in the spare room with a tv and dvd player. I plop my girl in her bouncy vibrating chair and turn on Baby Einstein. I get my workout on and she gets her learn on. It's a win win!). Then I saw a woman go power walking by with her dog and stroller. I thought, "Yes! That's what I'm going to do today!"

I made a mental note of everything I needed to get ready to head out. Before it used to be: put on clothes, runners, jacket, iPod - GO! Now, not quite so easy! It's almost like you're packing for a trip, just to go for a walk! So, I got myself ready then got my girl ready. Bundled her up in her snowsuit and toque. Brought the stroller up from the basement (that's a feat in itself!). As I was getting that ready I looked outside and it was starting to rain/snow... Do I still go? YEAH! Got my girl in her stroller, all bundled in nicely under a nice warm blanket, grabbed the rain shield, yada, yada, yada, a few more tasks later and we were off....30 minutes later! HA! - Quickly learning that things just aren't get up and go anymore!

So I started off and it was so wet, but I kept going. My girl looked warm and dry, so we were good! I wasn't quite sure how far we would go...I guess the weather would help us decide. The wind just started to blow like crazy! The rain/snow as now coming down sideways. I got to the edge where residential meets downtown and thought okay, I think we should turn around now. So I turned the stroller back around and started back for home. The wind was just coming at me head on and it was quite the workout pushing that stroller into the wind! The rain/snow was now hitting my face, my jacket was getting soaked and the bottoms of my pants were soggy. It was funny, as I was out there, it reminded me of doing my paper route when I was a kid. I got the exact same feeling, even the air had the same smell. It took me back many years!

We made it home and everyone was in one piece! My girl was still nice, dry and warm! Mommy on the other hand, not so much... I checked the clock and we were out for 25 minutes! Less time than it took to get ready. Oh well! "Such is the way of life" as one of my co-workers would say. My legs were burning and my feet were achy, so it was a pretty good walk! I felt good! The best part was feeling accomplished - that I actually got out there, despite the weather. Around here, it's expected!

Do you ever get out there and brave the elements to get a workout in even though it's so much nicer to just stay inside?

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