Monday, June 08, 2009

Team Terra Fit Challenge 4

Hello Team Terra Fit,

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we’ve all been blessed with; however, let’s hope it hasn’t hindered your fitness goals too much?! It is the temptations we must resist that go so well with the heat: many margaritas on the patio, too many chips on the beach, and an overdose of ice cream to cool off…

Remember, try not to reward yourself with food, but rather use the weather to perhaps think about all of the great activities you can do outside with friends and family: bocci ball in the park, a swim at the lake or in a pool, croquet in your back yard, Frisbee in the field, hitting a bucket of balls at the driving range – the list goes on and on!

This is the last 2 weeks of your current program – keep it up!!! Hopefully, you’ve made progress with the amount of weight you’ve been able to lift and/or the number of repetitions. As far as the challenges you’ve been given, keep up the cardio challenge but try to push yourself just a little more over the next 2 weeks.

As far as the push-up and triceps challenge, I’d like for you to decide which of the 2 you feel like doing each day. Perhaps you’d like to alternate to give yourself a break and to mix it up?!
This week and next, you all have a “Support” Challenge. This is something that you all must take the initiative to do AND post on the site to share with each other! You all must try something physical you’ve either NEVER tried or HATE doing (because you’re either not good at it OR had a bad experience in the past) 2 times during the week…a TOTAL of 4 things that may be perhaps, out of your comfort zone.

This exercise is not only good for the body, but also good for building your spirit and soul! As far as the “post” you can decide to either share your experience with everyone OR simply share the activity to give others some more ideas. This is meant to build you as a person, not to frustrate you. It’s good to do something once in a while that scares you or challenges you and I KNOW you are ALL up for the challenge.

Some examples I can list are as follows:
  • Baseball (ask around if anyone needs a spare or get a group together for a game in the park)
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Golf
  • Bowling
  • Swimming
  • Dance lesson
  • Bocci Ball
  • Croquet
  • Touch Football
  • Skateboarding (it’s WAY harder than it looks…my brother made me try when we were younger and I fell flat on my ass…but I will never forget that I at least attempted it!
  • Hiking
  • Rock climbing (if available in your area)
  • Curling
  • Skating
  • Rollerblading
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing

Okay…a good start to the list! Remember the magical number of 4(minimum).

Have fun with it. Take your camera and take some pictures…it may be a great experience that you want to remember not only by thought, but by many photos too?!

Be strong, Be active, Be all that you can be, Be empowered by who you are and what you can do!


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