Monday, June 22, 2009


Yes! It's officially here!! Oh how I love summer! Yes, I do say that Fall is my favorite season, but it's only because my most favorite day is a crisp fall day with a clear sky and the sun shining. However, it's probably only by a percentile that it takes that title...Summer, how I love thee!!!

D's been driving my car. I had to switch to automatic from my standard, because of my was making my plantar fasciitis worse. Saturday, because we were having a garage sale and I've been trying to sell my car, we decided to keep it in the driveway on display at the sale, so he took his car to work. Well we've had some problems with is afterall, very close to the 200 thou km mark....So when he got home Saturday, something else happened. I said of course. When you take it to work, something happens. I could have it for however long and nothing. So to make a long story short, lol, it has forced me to finally bike to work. I figure, today is the 2nd day of summer, it's about time!

When we lived in our other house, I had biked to work a few times and loved it. We lived on the southside and so I took the new bridge. Since we've moved to the Horseshoe, I have been putting off doing the ride. I would have to cross the old bridge....AIYEE!! I also wasn't sure about time either. It kinda seemed like it might take much longer. So, this morning, I finally took the plunge! And it worked out to be about the same timing...


It was oh so painless as well! And the great thing I'm thinking about, is the ride home. When I was going the other way, I had to battle the hill coming up from the old bridge. I'm going the other direction this time. I don't even think I really have any uphills.

Isn't it funny, how you get something in your head and you can put it off and put it off and put it off. It's that fear that holds us back...the fear of the unknown. You know, I can't think of any situation where my fear was holding me back and then when I actually faced it, it wasn't even as close to being bad at all. Oh the mental game of it all!!!

So I know for our challenge, we were supposed to do something that took us out of our comfort zone, like every day. Well, this is what I wanted my challenge to be for me...and I finally did it! The final day. Better late than never.

I did it!!!

Oh, I also pool jogged in my pool yesterday...I had been wanting to do that, and I finally did.

Summer, how I love thee!!!!!!


  1. I'm probably the worst at putting things in my mind and having the fear of "it" scare me outta doing The bridges. It took me awhile to finally do them. Another example, terrace mountain.
    Now I'm proud to say I can do both without hesitation.
    Scott's bringing out my bike and going to tune it up. I'm going to try and bike into town and do my odds n ends. I want a big basket on the front of it, but he's a biker snob and won't go for it. There was the cutest bike in Outspoken. It was yellow and look old fashioned and had the prettiest basket on the front.
    Screw the mountain bikes!!LOL
    Good job on the biking and the jogging in the pool!! Way to go!

  2. Ohh I know! Those bikes are so cute! Would be so fun to just pedal a sundress...with a pair of flats...hmmm...the image I'm picturing I'm a bit thinner...darn it all! In time, in time! lol
    Thanks Jenny!!!

  3. I know the image I have is I'm riding the bike with some pretty sunflowers in my basket and perhaps some fresh baguettes(not sure why but I'm seeing flowers and baguettes) and yes, I'm thin...and not uncomfortable on that darn seat!!LOL

  4. ^^^
    my word verification was 'belean"...
    Holy crap that's funny!!LOL...I'm trying!

  5. ^^^
    now it was "streess"...I'm feeling stressed as I am really trying to be lean...LOL

  6. That's way too funny!!